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Welcome to Team Onyx's Official Website!
Welcome to our new website, we are a Simi-Pro Team that is lead and owned by I'm Be5erk. We hope to gain experience and skill while in this team.

About us!
We are a Simi-Pro Team that Competes on Online competitions on UMG Gaming Online. We are on Xbox 360 And are soon going over to Xbox One. We haven't competed in any completions yet since we are new and we are still recruiting and practicing.

If you are a member of Team Onyx please make a account and log in to gain access to member chat and more. This is also how we rank and keep up with Team Members, and how we sign up to compete in new competitions.

Invite your members
In order to run a successful website it is very important to register more members. To create accounts for your friends and members, go to your Admin Panel > Membership > Create New Member.

We usually have 1 practice each week. In some practices we will do Private matches like 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and more depending on member count. Most times we just go in to main eSPORT Game mods and practice them like Search, Domination, and hard point.

Youtube and more!
We welcome youtubers to join us at Team Onyx, our leader posts many videos of us and videos for him in his videos. If you have a recorder and video editing equipment and have or is thinking about making a Youtube channel then we will email you the intro, music, pictures, logos for you to use in your videos.
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